Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One man's trash is another's viewing pleasure

I've had a number of debates about TV with my colleagues. English teachers should be of the "kill your TV" mindset, and if they aren't, then they should only watch PBS and the History Channel.

Please. You're talking to a woman who's irked that Entertainment Weekly was a double issue the week before last which means there was no issue this week.

A woman who won't go above basic cable because she knows the premium channels would take over her life, a bondage she'd be happy to enter.

Thanks to syndication, Friends is on for a solid two hours every night. I try to keep my viewing down to one because it's already alarming how many of my pet sayings come from sitcoms and movies.

People complain primetime is too mindless. I don't care. All I ask of my shows is that they have characters I can like and reasonable plots. Sitcoms should be funny, but they don't have to make me fall on the floor. If I crack a smile a couple times during the half hour, that's enough.

The most I ask from them is to get me out of my head for a spell and to provide fodder for conversation.

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