Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If at first you don't like it...

Took me five episodes to fall in love with TRUE BLOOD. I couldn't get into the show even though I enjoy the books immensely. Charlaine Harris has one of my favorite author pics. She looks as if she'd tell you a joke and share her cookies.

I decided to give the show another try after reading the recap on Television without Pity. Jacob recapped an episode and hooked me.

Tangent: I love Jacob's recaps and am a little in love with him. I decided we don't have to be friends. I want him to teach a TV class where we can talk about episodes, but mostly I get a chance to listen to him. He's brilliant beyond brilliant and I'm a fangirl for anyone who mixes philosophy with pop culture.

I gotta say the show is much better than I first thought. What initially turned me off was the lack of attraction I had for Bill (I'm sure he's crying about that). I don't know what it is about him. I'm usually a sucker for guys with southern accents.

The way he says Sookie drives me crazy: "Suckey!" in an intense low voice.

But the supporting characters make the show. Tara and Lafayette are fleshed-out characters and amazing divergences from the page. So much depth and development. Michelle Forbes has shown up and she's always great to see. The writing is awesome: obvious and single entendres one minute, profound concepts the next.

And don't get me started on Eric: hot on all levels and perfect in every way. He's a cross between Bill Pullman and Viggo Mortensen, but takes that to a wicked level of sexiness. It's no small pleasure to see him nekkid.

The show is darker than the books, but now that I think of it (especially with the last book), Harris has always put a darkness in the series. I wasn't aware of how much until I saw it on the screen.

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