Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Instead of writerly whinging, A SEQUEL

Scott Turow wrote a sequel to PRESUMED INNOCENT.

The only reason I like the movie is that I looooooved the book. So many layers. So many tangents. Even if I disagree with the premise- the Other Woman is not to blame for adultery and doesn't deserve the sentence she receives- damn if he didn't make a sweet read.

INNOCENT is on the end table next to me. I bought it last night at the grocery store (of all places!) while I was buying treats for the kiddies in my class. It didn't come to school with me because I needed to get shit done, but its siren call could be heard from 20 miles away.

The last we heard about Rusty was in PLEADING GUILTY, a throwaway sentence referring to Judge Sabich. Now the story continues.

I'm drawing out the exquisite anticipation by dicking around on the computer. I imagine the night's going to be spent with the book, bedtime on a school night be damned.

I can't wait.

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