Saturday, May 29, 2010

LOST finale- my interpretation (spoilerage)

My sister wasn't displeased, but she knew I would be.

She wasn't wrong.

I've been reading up online to understand the finale because every time I have it straight in my head, some loose end pops up and I burn. I burn like a lover scorned.

Here's my take: the creators were wicked pissed that the internets figured out the twist (Purgatory), so they tried to deviate and outright stated that the island wasn't purgatory.

Well, if we're playing semantics, the island wasn't. The sideways world was purgatoryish, so I guess they weren't outright-

I can't even finish the sentence. They lied and dicked their fans around. I don't believe authors or creators should cave into fan demand, but if you're going to shove it in the naughty hole, at least give good warning and use some lube.

You know what kills me? I was actually thinking that despite the drawbacks of the ending, it was cool that they brought it full circle to Jack's eye and the fucking dog. You know what I think now? MANIPULATIVE BULLSHIT. They knew that people like circular and completeness comforts them. In the moment I was willing to cut them slack, but upon reflection, I recognize the scene for what it was: a pathetic attempt at salvage.

I guess what they taught the fans was that you can invest your heart, loyalty, and time into something, and in the end, you'll end up clutching the sheet to your chest wondering if it was your fault.

Thanks. Except I've learned that lesson repeatedly in real life. I don't need no show to underscore the theme.

I feel bad for the next good show that comes along. I'm not going to be investing too soon.

I imagine LOST's creators are slapping themselves on the back, congratulating everyone on the fuck-over they pulled. Kind of like in DIE HARD 2.

And we all know how that turned out. Yippee Kay Yay...

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