Sunday, June 27, 2010

EASY VIRTUE lame review

EASY VIRTUE arrived at the house, and I forgot the reason I netflixed it or even what drew me to it. Then I read the postage stamp summary on the flap. Colin Firth. Set in the twenties.


The movie sucked. I liked Colin Firth (how can I not when his Darcy and my Darcy are now clones of each other?), the costumes and sets were nice, and I thought it was cute that the soundtrack featured covers of contemporary music set to jazzy beats.

The plot was paper thin. The characters were two dimensional at best, and I didn't know what the hell to make of Jessica Biehl. I never know what to make of her. She doesn't seem like a real actress, more like a little girl in her mother's clothes.

I think SEVENTH HEAVEN ruined her for me. She could become Meryl Streep wrapped in Helen Mirren dipped in Robin Wright, and I'd still be scratching my head at her performance.

Tangent: The actress who played the Camden mother (I forget her name and am too lazy to imdb) was also in STAR TREK IV. I love the search for the whales, but she gave the most howling bad reading of a line in the entire universe. Her reading was so bad, I used to recite it to my friends because the ineptitude of it was a comfort. Her character, a whale scientist, explains to Kirk that the two humpbacks are going to be taken away from her aquarium/research center. She's supposed to be heartbroken, but she finishes up her speech with a wooden "That, as they say, is that." It's awful.

I don't mind two-dimensional characters, but the flatness of EASY VIRTUE's population flew right up my nose. I kind of like the ending. I'd been thinking it'd be nice for the movie to end in a certain way; however, the ending I wanted wasn't reasonable. Lo and behold, the writers agreed with me, and the unreasonable, but kind of pleasing, ending occurred.

It wasn't enough to make me like the movie.

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