Friday, February 11, 2011

Blargh and GRR

This week was weird in that I found myself holding back an enormous amount of anger at the oddest times and for the smallest things. I was usually fine by the time I got home, but during school my poor tongue was almost bitten in half.

1. A student of mine has a habit of mansplaining. He's a great kid, and I think he thinks he's a pet of mine (no, I don't have pets. I have some students that I build a rapport with, but no pets). He'll question my grammar and play devil's advocate and explain something I already know. I'm trying to think of specifics...but I'm drawing a blank (or repressing the memories). Usually this doesn't bother me, but this week, I found myself wanting to say, "Look, I want you to know that what you're doing makes you sound like a jackass. It's going to cost you friends and make your girlfriend break up with you. Please stop." Even if I changed the thought into a more school-appropriate language, I couldn't express it because it would hurt him too much.

2. There's a teacher who thinks I'm her best friend. She is my closest friend at school, but best friend? Can't I get some say in that? Can you be best friends with someone who doesn't count you as a best friend? She drives me nuts sometimes, and this week I wanted to shriek at her, "His name is pronounced YATES AS IN GATES, YOU FUCKING COW! HOW CAN YOU PRONOUNCE IT YEETS AND CALL YOURSELF AN ENGLISH TEACHER?!"

It's not PMS; it's me all the mean way day. I also have a dread that once I think about saying these thoughts, I'm one step closer to actually saying them.

I don't want that day to come.

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